Check out this guide to get your best FPS by optimizing your settings in The Cycle Frontier!

The Cycle Frontier is an amazing fantasy first-person shooter game. In this game, you will encounter two maps, a lot of players, and monsters that you need to defeat that stand in your way. The game offers high-quality graphics that can sometimes lower your fps and make your game feel slow. Not to worry!

This guide will show you the best settings for an FPS boost in The Cycle Frontier.

Best Settings for FPS Boost! – The Cycle Frontier

Setting up some of these settings will not only boost the FPS for The Cycle Frontier. You may even get a slight boost in other games as well!

NVIDIA Control Panel

If you have an NVIDIA GPU, right-click on your desktop and select the NVIDIA Control Panel menu.

Open up this menu and go to your “Display” options. There you will be able to find the resolution and refresh rate that your PC is currently working with. Make sure you have the recommended resolution, which is the highest one possible, and the highest refresh rate.

Your next step is to go to your 3D Settings and press on “Manage 3D Settings”. In the “Global Settings” tab, you will see a bunch of features, look for the “Power Management Mode” and change it to “Prefer Maximum Performance”.

Also, change the “Low Latency Mode” to off, and the “Preferred Refresh Rate” to “Highest Available”.

Windows Game Mode

In your windows search menu, simply type “Gamemode” and you will find a window where you can turn on the game mode as you play. This will enhance the way windows works to give more power to your games and boost your FPS.

In-Game Settings

Once all the windows and GPU settings have been set up, head in-game and open up your Video settings.

In these two images, you can use these specific settings to get the most out of your game. To get even more FPS, you can change your resolution from “Windowed Full Screen” to “Full Screen”.

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