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Do you need a Beginners Guide for The DioField Chronicle? Stick around and you might learn something.

The DioField Chronicle is a strategy game that is based on Role-Playing. To help you get better at this Game, you need to work on a couple of Fundamentals. Keep reading our article and learn some of the best tips for beginners in The DioField Chronicle.

Beginners Guide – The DioField Chronicle

Movement and Positioning

The Big thing about this game is that the Pace of gameplaying is different from a lot of other Strategy/Role-playing games.

By Pressing the L2 Button, you can move your units Collectively to a new Location or Sequence.

To be better at the game you need to have Better Map Awareness, and better Movement. You can also use this Strategy to make sure that you don’t take any Unnecessary Damage.

Skills and Partner Pairing

The Skill Tree in this game is pretty Unique. Even though some people think otherwise, a lot of people think that the ST in this game is Unique.

All Skills are Tied to the Current weapon that you have equipped. You also have the Ability to Upgrade the Skills for the Weapon that you have equipped. As normal, upgrading your weapon will give you and Edge on the Battle Field.

The thing about Strategy games it evolves around the Idea of Mastering Certain Skills and trying to beat the game like that. The DioField Chronicle doesn’t work like that. Mainly because of the Partner Pairing System.

This means that when you are in Battle you have 2 characters per Slot for a grand total of 8 characters for the duration of the Match. You’ll have Access to your partners Skills and they will share the same cooldown timer with your point character. Both Characters will also receive experience at the end of the Match. 

While in Battle you can Switch Characters up to 3 times. But if you play the game correctly you won’t need to change the Characters.

If you Organize your Partner Pairing better you won’t need the change of characters. The big tips are the combinations. The Combinations are useful if for example, you have a Mage that only has Offensive Magic Abilities, the best Character to pair him up is with a Mage that Heals. Your Offensive Mage will Appreciate that and he will be the longest lasting Character on your Roster.


Throughout the game you will be given Access to a number of summons to use at your disposal. The thing that Controls the Summons is the TP Gauge that is on the Bottom Right Corner.

As you keep playing the game, you will be given a total of 6 playable Summons. Each of them with their own Cost.

The Cost of some Summons are at 1 TP to Summon. For Other Summons is more.

The Best Summons to Take depends on your Playstyle and on the map that you are on.

The Summons can Definitely be the Deciding Factor in some fights.

Map Awareness and Fragment Drops

The DioField Chronicle is a game that has a lot of Fragment Drops that you get on each map.

The Blue Drops are for TP, Ring Drops for HP and Purple Drops for EP. These are typically scattered around the map at Random and they could be used as a quick Strategy to keep your team healthy.

A good Tip is to make sure that you get most of the Blue Drops on every map, so that when the time for a Boss Fight comes around you have enough Resources to perform at least one Summon in Battle.

This Tip comes in super-clutch Early Game.

You should also pay attention to find the Blue Chests that are Available on Certain Maps. They contain Resources that can be used for Crafting. Before you Start a fight, you should first Scout where you can find a Blue Chest, and then when you find it, just make a safe route to it.

Castle Upgrades and Side Quests

The thing about Side Quests in this game is that they can be completed easily. You can complete them Fast, and get a lot in Return. The time to finish the Side Quests may take up to 25 hours, which in Comparison with other Quests that don’t give that much In return this is Light Work.

When it comes to the Castle, there are 5 different hubs that can be independently upgraded throughout your playthrough.

  1. Shop Rank:
  2. Rank 1: Unlocks new items in the Shop.
  3. Rank 2: Increases gold earned on missions by 5%.
  4. Rank 3: Unlocks new items in the Shop.
  5. Rank 4: Increases gold earned on missions by another 5%.
  6. Rank 5: Unlocks new items in the Shop.
  • Magilumic Orb Research Rank:
  • Rank 1: Increases Max TP by 1.
  • Rank 2: Unlocks Engravings for Magilumic Orb Research.
  • Rank 3: Increases max TP by 1.
  • Rank 4: Unlocks Engravings for Magilumic Orb Research.
  • Rank 5: Increases max TP by 1.
  • Skill Tree Rank:
  • Rank 1: Unlocks a new Skill on the Skill Tree.
  • Rank 2: Unlocks one extra item equipment slot.
  • Rank 3: Unlocks a new Skill on the Skill Tree.
  • Rank 4: Increases EXP earned on Missions by 5%.
  • Rank 5: Unlocks a new skill on the Skill Tree.
  • Weapon Development Rank:
  • Rank 1: Increases gold earned on missions by 5%.
  • Rank 2: Unlocks new weapons for development.
  • Rank 3: Increases gold earned on missions by another 5%.
  • Rank 4: Unlocks new weapons for development.
  • Rank 5: Unlocks new weapons for development.
  • Meal Rank:
  • Rank 1: Reduces the Damage received by all units by 3%
  • Rank 2: Increases EXP earned on missions by 5%
  • Rank 3: Increases the damage dealt by all units by 3%
  • Rank 4: Increases EXP earned on missions by another 5%
  • Rank 5: Increases the damage received by all units by another 3%

Now the big question is how to get the upgrades. When you complete a main quest, you’ll have access to meander around your camp and speak to your teammates. If you see this green Icon…

…on your map that means that certain subquests are available. Then you walk over to them, you complete the task that they have for you. And in return you take Skill Points.

The thing about getting Skill Points is that nobody on your Team dies, and that you complete a stage in a certain amount of time. If you fail one of  these conditions, you can always go back and retry the stage.

Combat Tactics

The thing that is most important about Combat Tactics is Team Comps. The first TC that you’re given has 2 Melee Attackers, One Mage and one Archer.

Comp like this can be used throughout the entire game, but you can of course change it up. This isn’t the best comp, but it can be pretty good for the majority of the game.

Battle Tips:

  1. Always have 1 or 2 characters that can interrupt AOE charge attacks. Because those attacks deal damage to a big portion of your team.
  2. Using Combo Attacks to maximize damage.
  • Utilizing Buffs is a great way to give yourself a bit of an unfair advantage. Because you can for example get Haze for a long amount of Time.

Weapon Selection

The deal with weapons on The DioField Chronicle is that they are a bit questionable. You need to test out which weapons fit your playstyle.

Is it weapons which are weaker but have a bit larger Skill selection, or use weapons that are strong, but have Skills that you don’t need.

Time Saving Tips

The biggest Time Saving Tip that we can give you is that when you are in battle make sure that you utilize the double speed option, you can do this by pressing 2 times forward on the Analog Stick, and you can double the speed of battle. It isn’t something very fast but it’s better something than nothing.

You better make sure that you keep your eyes open on this Speed of Battle, because things are happening a bit quicker so you need to make some fast decisions.

We really hope that this guide helped you.

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