The DioField Chronicle: How To Farm Gulds And XP Guide

Let's find out How to Farm Gulds and XP in The DioField Chronicle!

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The DioField Chronicle is a strategy role playing game where you will be controlling a team and going through a very big and open world battling monsters and enemies.

In this guide we will be showing you the best way of farming Gulds and XP. Let’s get started.

How To Farm Gulds And XP Guide – The DioField Chronicle

After clearing any Mission you can use the Practice Battle at any Castle or safe camp.

This way you can go ahead and repeat the missions that you have already finished and and farm an infinite amount of Gulds and XP.

You will have known the battle or the mission that you already did. You will know the weaknesses of the enemies, of the bosses as well as where is the best loot to be found.

You will basically know everything about the mission and you’ll be just repeating it nonstop until you have gotten the most amount of Gulds and XP that you desired.

You will need to use x2 Speed Mode. This way you will be much faster and you won’t have to was so much time on the same mission or battle over and over again. In terms, if you have 2x Speed Mode you will make more Gulds and XP per second.

Use the strongest skills as possible to kill the enemies as faster as you can. Then once you finish, you will go back to the camp and find the mission on the map.

Choose it as a deployment location again and you’ll be running through it.

That is everything you need to know about Farming Gulds and XP in The DioField Chronicle! We hope that this guide has made you rich with Gulds! Have fun!

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