The DioField Chronicle: How To Unlock Unique Weapons In Shop

Get your hands on unique weapons in The DioField Chronicle in this guide!

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One of the features of The DioField Chronicle is some sort of item crafting. Although not as extensive as crafting in other games, there are actually some pretty cool weapons in The DioField Chronicles that your characters can equip. 

As with most games, certain unique weapons have to be unlocked before they can be purchased from the shop. Check out this guide to know how.

How To Unlock Unique Weapons In Shop – The DioField Chronicle

As you go along the game, you will eventually stumble across a quest entitled Keeping Up Weapon Maintenance.

In order to complete this quest, you simply have to talk to the Head of Development and upgrade your facility for 1500G.

Once you have completed the quest, you will gain access to your Weapon Development Rank. Depending on the rank, you will be granted different bonuses as your rank goes higher.

Unlocking new weapons for development will be available when you reach Ranks 2, 4, and 5.

In this guide, we will show you how to unlock a unique weapon at Rank 2. Upon reaching Rank 2, you have to speak with the NPC of the Institute and click on Weapon Development.

Here, a bunch of unlockable new and unique weapons will be shown to you.

Unlock a weapon of your choice by simply hovering your mouse over it to see the requirements. This can either be Electrum or Orichalcum ingots.

When you have the specific requirements, you may now unlock the weapon. After this, you may return to the weapon dealer to purchase it.

Once you have purchased the weapon, you may choose which character you want to equip it with.

Just follow this process when you want to unlock more weapon as you go higher in the ranks.

And that’s how you unlock unique weapons in the shop!

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