The DioField Chronicle: In-Depth Abilities Guide

Do you want to know all the Abilities In Depth for The DioField Chronicle? Well, this is the perfect Guide for you.

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The DioField Chronicle is a strategic game where you use characters. In this game you also have Abilities which you can use for each character and become more stronger and win different battles easier.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about abilities in The DieField Chronicle.

In-Depth Abilities Guide – The DioField Chronicle

The Soldier:

For the Soldier class in the Beginning, you have 2 characters (Andrias and Izelair). The Soldier class is Versatile, that means that it can be used as Tanks or as a Damage Dealer.

For Example, Andrias with his Low Defense, but High Damage can be used as a Good Damage Dealer. On the Other Hand, Izelair has Low Damage, but one of the Highest Defenses in the Game.


  • Assassination provides one of the Highest Ability for a Single Target damage. It is good for Finishing of an Enemy once their Health is below 50 to 25%. The Good thing about Assassination is that if you Finish off an Enemy, The Cooldown goes to 0.

Leaping Attack

  • This Ability is good for allowing you to move behind an enemy for Flanking Damage. You can also use it for Mages or Archers that are in the Backline. You can also use it with a combination with Assassination for some Cool Acrobatic Kills.

Shield Bash

  • Shield Bash deals enough Damage, but it is better on Defense. This Ability Inflicts Stun on your Target. The Stun Stops the Enemy from moving and deals Damage, but the Best usage for Stun is when the Opponent starts using a Charging Attack.

Shield Charge

  • This Ability does Light Damage, but interrupts and provokes your Target. Shield Charge also has a bit of Range, but know that the first enemy that is on the Charge’s Path, will get Hit. This Ability is used better if you need to close some Distance and to Interrupt an Enemy’s Ability.

Shield Wall

  • This Ability is good for Controllability. It allows your Soldier to draw all the enemies in it’s Vicinity. This Ability can be used to hold choke points and bring enemies in an AOE range.

The Cavalier:

At the Start you have a single Character (Fredret). His Stats are nearly as same as Andrias’ but has a lot higher Defense. Unlike Andrias, Fredret is a Multi-target Damage Dealer, as all his Cavalier abilities Target multiple enemies. Fredret also has the highest speed.

Full Frontal Assault

  • This ability is also great for Flanking, as you can use it to get through several enemies in a straight line and go past/in front of them. You can also use this Ability to get out of Enemies Stun Abilities.

Furious Flurry

  • This Ability is your basic Multi-Target Damage Dealing Ability. It hits all Enemies within a cone in front of you. It doesn’t do enough Damage, but it might get changed in the Full Release. The Best moment to use this Ability is when you get behind a group of enemies, to do a bit of Flanking Damage.

Mounted Charge

  • This Ability is just a better Version of Furious Flurry. It does more Damage, it has better Range and it pushes Enemies Back. This is great for making some space or pushing enemies toward other Enemies.

The Archer:

On the start Iscarion is the only Archer that you get. The Archers here are the same as in any other game. They do a lot of damage, but they don’t have enough armor and health. Meaning they have to be in the Backline.

Rain of Arrows

  • This is a Decent AOE attack which Slows down the Enemy hits.

Stun Shot

  • As you can see by the name, this Ability inflict Stun at range.

Fantail Formation

  • This Ability is perfect for doing Damage over Time. This Skill can be useful in places that are tight, like Bridges where you can hold the enemies to a narrow passage with your Melee units.

The Magicker:

Waltaquin is the only Magicker that you get. None of her stats are standing out as special. Although she is the only Healer.

Hurried Heal

  • The Heal is one of the Cheapest Abilities to use, it stands at only 15EP. It restores 30% of Max Health. It also only has a 5 second Cooldown. The Best time to use it, is when one of your Teammates’ health drops below 50%.

Meteor Fall

  • This is a Decent AOE attack. The damage it does it’s OK, but the real advantage is just how large this AOE is. Meteor Fall can hit 3 Enemies Easily, even if they are not next to each other. 

Convalescent Circle

  • This is an Excellent AOE heal for your team. It also revives fallen Allies. This Ability works a bit differently. It heals small bits of damage, but a couple of times.

We really hope that this Guide helped you.

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