The DioField Chronicle: Level Up & Farm Early Gold Guide

New to DioField Chronicle? Find out how to farm EXP and Gold FAST in this article.

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The DioField Chronicle is a new generation RPG developed with a Real Time Tactical Battle (RTTB) system which is new and, focuses on strategy and real-time battle. Given this type of system, it is expected that everything in the game will cost so much later on. In order to carry yourself well further into the game, you need a head start at EXP and Gold.

This guide will show you how to level up and earn gold fast. Find out below!

Level Up & Farm Early Gold Guide – The DioField Chronicle

Taking advantage of the early game to get early levels and early gold is one of the strategies to get a head start. In order to do this, you have to get the demo game version. This step is important because currently, the progress at the demo version is actually transferable.

In Chapter 1, the last thing that you would want to do is complete the Escort the Archbishop mission. You can beat any other mission EXCEPT this one because this is the last main mission in this chapter.

Completing this mission locks in your progress irreversibly by creating a save file. And that defeats the early levels and early gold strategy entirely!

Do not complete this mission until you are ready to play the actual game.

In order to maximize your leveling in Chapter 1, what you want to do is do all the missions, except of course from the one mentioned above, and make sure to accomplish all the objectives, to get all the bonus gold and EXP, and complete all the challenges.

Then you can head over to Practice Battle and replay the missions in Chapter 1. Practice Battle is unlocked by completing the Coswell Volcano Expedition mission in and can be accessed simply by interacting with the Practice Battle table at the Elm Camp anytime.

With this strategy, you can at least get your characters to level 20 and above, and get awarded with the equivalent gold for completing the missions.

And that is one way to get early levels and early gold before the game is officially launched!

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