Want to Upgrade Skills in The DioField Chronicle? Then check out this guide!

The DioField Chronicle will see you gather a squad and go into battles all over a very big and beautiful world. To be victorious, you will need to upgrade your characters.

In this guide we will be talking about the Skill Upgrades and how they work. Let’s get started.

Skill Upgrades Guide – The DioField Chronicle

As you’re going to be going and progressing through the game you will be going to be earning Skill Points. They will be shown usually at the top right corner of your screen with the name initials of SP next to them. The more you have the more you can upgrade.

Whenever you have SP available, you do not want to be saving it. Instead, use it for a skill upgrade. This skill upgrade will make a skill that you already have much better than what it is, or unlock an entirely new skill that you didn’t have.

To be able to upgrade your Skills you will need to go to the right NPC which is located in your base. This is him on the map:

There are different types of Skill Trees that you are able to scroll through in The DioField Chronicle. These are the different types:

  • Soldiers
  • Magickas
  • Longshots
  • Cavalry

The more you play a certain skill the more you will be able to upgrade it. So to unlock them you will actually have to play them first.

Every Skill upgrade has a Tier that you will have to unlock. As you progress through the game you will keep getting newer and newer things.

When you level up your characters in a certain type of skill, you will end up getting a higher Tier. To upgrade a skill to the maximum level (level 4) you will need to first upgrade the Tier to the maximum too.

There is a Weapon Development upgrade too where you can use the SP for upgrades. This is where it is located.

Certain weapons that you will find through the game can be upgraded. The same system works for them too.

You will need to upgrade the class type Tier level and then upgrade the weapon. It is highly advisable that you upgrade your preferred weapon to the maximum level.

You can also Edit Units. This is something that will give an overall bonus and boost to a certain type of character that you might be using.

Usually, they give something like DMG dealt by the team, or HP increase of team, and so on.

You will want to upgrade your characters as much as possible. If you have a preferred character that you end up playing a lot, you will want to make it as high level as possible.

That is everything you need to know about Skill Upgrades in The DioField Chronicle! We hope that this guide has made it clear and helped you upgrade your units in-game! Have fun!

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