Here you can find out What is The Best Build in The DioField Chronicles!

To be able to go across the many levels of The DioField Chronicle you will need to defeat a lot of enemies. To do so, you will need a very good and stable Build.

That is why in this guide we will be showing you The Best Build possible. Let’s get started.

What Is The Best Build – The DioField Chronicle

This build is very good because of how much it focuses on the assassination skill.

This skill hits 5 times and if you do manage to get the killing blow on an enemy it will reset its cooldown which means that you can use it again. How amazing is that?!

If you do not manage to get a killing blow with it though, you will get also a 30% more damage buff for the next 8 seconds. It is simply amazing and probably the best skill in the game.

So when inside the Skill Tree you will want to upgrade Assassination to the maximum level.

For a weapon, you will want to save all your money and resource to be able to buy the Short Sword of the End. It is simply an amazing dagger and it gives a lot of buffs to the assassination skill. Something that we are after.

As for the equipment you will want to go for the Adept Necklace and one Mystical Ring.

These items will boost your damage as well as give you a regen for the AP that you’ll need to use the assassination skill.

For Abilities, you will want to go for Insult to Injury as soon as possible. This will give you a 30% damage buff in any form of status that you’ll have.

The game counts debuff as a status. Then choose Sharpshooter Killer as it is most important too. Also, Royal Disposition is very nice for the damage increase.

For Equipment, you will want to choose Royal Crown. This will give you an HP bonus and plus it will increase the damage that you deal by a bit too.

Spirit Hat is also very good since it gives you a cooldown reduction.

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