Time to race!! Check out this guide to find out how you can win the race against Euder and complete the fastest captain in Zarga side quest in Souldiers!

Souldiers is a game packed with story missions and hidden side missions. These side missions are often some funny adventures which will lead you to complete interesting events and even race different NPC’s in order to win a battle. A won race against Euder will allow you to complete a side quest and give you amazing rewards!

This guide will show you how to complete “The Fastest Captain in Zarga” side quest in Souldiers.

Souldiers: The Fastest Captain In Zarga Side Quest Guide

Once you begin this quest, you will start off the race, you will also notice that you are slightly behind Euder. A timer of 3 seconds will begin and off to racing!

When you start, instantly begin sliding towards the right and perform double jumps.

You will also need to hold the high grounds and continue jump and dashing as you get on different platforms. Just before you are halfway in the race, you will need to climb a wall and keep on going to the high grounds.

Halfway in this race, you will enter a small structure. Try to keep the middle area, don’t go too high or too low.

Continuing with your double jumps and dashes, you are guaranteed to obtain first place and win the race.

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