Want to achieve the Brick Master Trophy? Then check this guide and learn how to do it in The Last of Us Remake!

The Last of Us Part I, a remake of The Last of Us will be released for PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022. It features revised gameplay and controls, improved performance and lighting effects, and new accessibility options. There is also new content in the game where players can achieve some of the new trophies.

This guide will show you how to achieve Brick Master Trophy in The Last of Us Remake.

Brick Master Trophy Guide – The Last of Us Remake

In order to achieve the Brick Master Trophy, you need to reach Left Behind – Mallrats part in the game.

Once you get there, you will find two cars, red and blue. Riley will challenge you to destroy all windows by throwing bricks.

All you need to do is to pick up bricks from the ground around you and throw to each of the windows of the red car.

You must make sure to destroy all windows on the red car before Riley destroys all windows of the blue car.

After you are done with all windows, there will be a short cinematic showing that you are a brick master and celebrate your win and it will automatically achieve the Brick Master Trophy for you.

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