Check out this guide to find out where the last comic is located in The Last of Us Remake.

The Last of Us Remake is finally here and it is much better looking than all of us expected. It is filled with very small collectibles that are hidden throughout the world.

In this guide, we will be showing you one such collectible. Here you will find out where is the Last Comic Location in the End-Game Part1. Let’s get started.

Last Comic Locations (End-Game Part 1) – The Last of Us Remake

To find this comic location it will be very simple. You will go through the mission and get to a point where you’ll go through a barbed wire fence. This is how it looks like:

Then once you get past this barbed wire you will want to take a right turn in the forest. While turning on the right you will spot a dirt road leading somewhere. Your objective will be to follow this dirt road as shown in the picture below:

Then once you get past the road you will notice a brokendown vehicle next to the mountain wall. Walk up to it and enter the driver’s seat. Here you will find your last comic location.

And that should be it! We hope that this guide has served its purpose and got you that well-deserved last comic book. Good luck finding it!

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