Do you wan to know how to get every collectible and trophy in the Quarantine zone in The Last of Us Remastered? Stick around and you might learn few things.

The Last of Us Remake is a great survival game where you get to explore the open world and discover various collectibles around the map. The Quarantine Zone is an area that is filled with various collectibles which can help you unlock cool new features and get you closer to your 100% game progression.

This guide will show you all collectible locations in The Quarantine zone in The Last of Us Remake.

The Quarantine Zone All Collectibles (100%) – The Last of Us Remake

Optional Conversation 1:

The first optional conversation is with this guy which you can find at the beginning.

Artifact 1-2:

The first 2 artifacts you can find when you go to the abandoned tunnels.

Optional Conversation 2:

The second optional conversation is when you climb up to the ruined bar. You can talk to Tess.

Firefly Pendant 1:

The first firefly pendant you can find in this room.

You can will find it on the ground.

Optional Conversation 3:

The third optional conversation you can find in the abandoned tunnel.

You can find it while looking at a dead guy.

Artifact 3:

The third artifact you can find while going up these stairs.

After you climb up the stairs, you make a turn around the wall that is to Joels left, and you enter this door.

And on the desk you will find this piece of paper.

Firefly Pendant 2:

The second firefly pendant is in this area.

You are going to find the pendant hanging on this tree.

You’re going to shoot it and take it from the ground.

Artifact 4:

The fourth Artifact you can find is when you get out of the abandoned bus.

Then go to this area.

And you will find the piece of paper on the ground.

Artifact 5:

The fifth artifact is just ahead of the fourth artifact. You just have to look straight and you will find the board where the fifth artifact is located at.

Artifact 6-8:

The sixth artifact you can find at this area.

At this location you just have to turn right a bit and you will find this dumpster and the sixth artifact.

After you take that artifact you have to go through this area.

And go to the piece of paper you will see on the ground and pick it up.

Optional Conversation 4:

The fourth optional conversation you can find at this location.

You’ll have to jump over the boxes, and continue running forward.

Then go right after you pass the pipes.

Then take another right turn, and you will see Marlene.

Firefly Pendant 3:

The third Firefly Pendant is at this area.

You can find it at this dead guy.

We really hope that this guide helped you.

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