Feeling joy when that achievement window pops-up on your screen? Then I suggest you to check this easy guide and I will show you how to unlock the “Waterlogged” achievement in The Last of Us Remake.

The Last of Us is an interesting game that has recently came out with the newest remade version. In this version, you will find a ton of new interesting achievements and trophies that you can obtain during your adventures.

This guide will show you how to get the Waterlogged trophy in The Last of Us Remake!

Waterlogged Trophy Guide – The Last of Us Remake

This achievement is very easy to get. First of all you have to push down the plank as shown in the picture.

Once you have down that you will have to walk down the stairs and jump inside the water. Once inside you will see a command that pops up on your screen which will make the character grab the plank and you will have to push it under the tunnel to the other side.

Once you get to the other side you will have to get it near Ellie and wait so she can climb on and then push the plank with her on top to the other side where there is water pouring.

When all of this is done, you will have to swim back, climb up and walk to the top to join Henry and Sam.

When you get with Henry and Sam you will just have to wait to get to the other side to join Ellie and once there just as the dialogue finishes you will have a pop up at the top right corner that shows you have unlocked your achievement.

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