Feeling joy when that achievement window pops-up on your screen? Then I suggest you to check this easy guide and I will show you how to unlock the “Who’s a good boy” achievement in The Last of Us Remake.

The Last of Us is a game that was originally released in June of 2013. This game belongs in the action-adventure genre developed by Naughty Dog only for PS3 at the time. Later on, the game was re-mastered the next year in July of 2014.

This guide will show you how to get the “Who’s a Good Boy” trophy in The Last of Us Remake.

Who’s A Good Boy? Trophy Guide – The Last of Us Remake

To unlock this achievement, you will have to be located in Tommy’s Dam, the hydroelectric dam.

Walk down the path with Tommy as he speaks to you and you will find a dog lying down on the ground playing with a ball.

You will have to get close to him until your character has a command to click. Once you get close enough and in the right direction facing the dog from the front you will see on your screen that you can pet the dog like in the picture down below.

Once you have done that, Tommy starts talking about the dog, he tells you that the dogs name is Buckley and the isn’t good for protection, but he is a great company.

After your character stand up you will see in the top right corner a PS4 window that shows you have unlocked the “Who’s a good boy?” achievement.

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