Want to find out where you can find the Save File Location in The Looker? Check out this guide!

The Looker is a fun first-person POV puzzle game in which you can create multiple save files. Sometimes, these save files are hidden in folders that players can have a hard time finding, and with this game being available in single-player, you can mess around with the save files and sometimes even add different ones.

This guide will show you the save file location for The Looker.

Save File Location – The Looker

For many players this file location is difficult to locate. To begin looking for the save file, you will need to open up your search bar and type:

  • %appdata%

This will open up your Roaming folder and show you some hidden files that you were not able to locate at first.

Open up this folder and inside you will find the LocalLow folder that you need to open. The next folder to open is the Subcreation folder, which is the studio where the game has been located. After that simply open up The Looker folder and you all the saved files will be there.

C:\Users\(user)\AppData\LocalLow\Subcreation\The Looker

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