Trying to Escape in The Matriarch? It's not as simple as it looks! Check out this guide to see how you can escape!

The Matriarch is a game where you will be either playing as the villain or trying to escape from it. You will need to pretend to be a BOT and therefore escape from a wicked and cursed place.

In this guide, we will be giving you the most important information about How to Escape the Matriarch. Let’s get started.

How to Escape – The Matriarch

The Sinners all play together against the Matriarch, the leader of the nuns, who is controlled by someone else. The Matriarch’s job is to patrol to the convent and look at the nuns, who are controlled by players, to see who they are and find out who they are.

During the night, the Matriarch chooses one nun to sacrifice. The game is over when either the Matriarch kills all of the Sinners or one of them gets out of the convent.

There are certainly quite a couple of ways how to escape The Matriarch. They require your effort and quite disguised work together with all of the nuns. It is not an easy task and might get you killed. Especially if you’re next to your friends and they can see you giggling.

In order to escape, you can do various things. But this here is the key things that you need to be following in order to escape flawlessly:

  • Every fresh dawn, the next button will unreveal (and the other two will conceal again) (and the other two will hide again).
  • Therefore, at the beginning of each new day, a player is required to search for the button and communicate (through chat, for example) which color corresponds to which number.
  • Therefore, in the end, the buttons above ground must correspond in function and appearance to the buttons below the earth. After then, the door leading outside will open.

Follow these simple basic steps, while staying under cover and not getting caught by The Matriarch, and you can get to your freedom.

We hope that this guide has helped you to get away from that wicked place and win a couple of games. Have fun!

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