Played Among Us for quite some time and want to see if The Matriarch is better? Check out this guide to see which game is better.

A hide-and-seek party game played online where everyone is a fake. The Matriarch is a hide-and-seek party game for 2 to 8 people where everyone is a fake. It’s a mix of social guessing and hide-and-seek, and it makes everyone feel paranoid!

In this guide, we will be comparing it to Among Us and telling you if it is a better overall game. Let’s get started.

Is it better than Among Us? (Find Out!) – The Matriarch

“The Matriarch” is an online party game that falls between “The Escapists” and “Among Us.” Players act like BOTs to hide from an evil Matriarch, who is also controlled by a player, and who has to find and kill the player characters.

Players have to work together to find the exit and get out of the satanic convent. They also have to hide from the Matriarch.

If you did have fun with Among Us, well we highly recommend giving The Matriarch a chance.

It is extremely fun and when combined together with your friends it will be an experience f your lifetime. Do you remember those times when Among Us first came out and nobody didn’t have a clue how to react? Well, the Matriarch will be going through it too.

It offers to brand new things that Among Us doesn’t have. It will give you much more thrill and excitement because of the ways of how you’re able to kill someone or be killed.

Even the whole difference that you’re playing as the sinner who has to escape the place is fantastic. It plays on a realistic scenario and it makes the whole story hit hard and make it much more interesting.

There will be tons of things that you could be doing as the nuns while taking cover from the Matriarch. When playing as the Matriarch you will be also a leading role in the whole action.

It is way more fun that Among Us because of the uniqueness of the gameplay. You are not just a killer that is hiding and trying to kill everyone. You will be working together with the nuns digging around trying to escape.

That is everything that we had to say about The Matriarch. We hope that you agree with us and make sure to give it a try. Have fun!