Time to find the Mud Golem and put an end to him in Souldiers!

Souldiers is an indie 2D action-adventure game and Metroidvania with souls-like combat. The game leads players to discover the mysteries surrounding their supposed deaths. You can choose between 3 classes, archer, scout, and caster whose mission is to find the way through the depths of the mystery and locate the Guardian in Terragaya to move on to the next world. Defeating enemies will grant you experience and upgrade your hero skills and abilities according to your preferences.

This guide will show you how to complete “The Mud Golem” Side Quest in Souldiers.

Souldiers: The Mud Golem Side Quest Guide

The Mud Golem is a bounty monster that needs to be put down. To start this side quest, you will need to enter the tent located in Hafin City. On the left side, you will find a board that will show you all the available side quests.

Once the quest has been accepted, make your way to the Tempes Plains (West) where you need to push a stone ball and break a wooden bridge.

Drop down where you’ve made the hole and follow the path until you reach the arena with the Mud Golem inside. Be careful as there are many traps waiting for you.

Once the Mud Golem has been defeated, go back to the city and collect your rewards from the bounty board.

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