Check out this guide to find out how to get the “Bizzare Yet Bonafide” trophy for The Quarry.

The Quarry is an interesting story horror game where you will go into different chapters and complete objectives. During your time on all of these chapters, collectibles can be obtained which will unlock some Easter eggs and even get you to that 100% game progress. There are a ton of hidden trophies that you can earn in this game by completing interesting tasks.

This guide will show how to get the “Bizzare Yet Bonafide” trophy for The Quarry.

The Quarry: Bizzare Yet Bonafide Trophy Guide

This trophy can be obtained in chapter 7. Once you get out of your cell, get to a room with 4 tables and a set of stairs that will lead you up towards a few rooms.

Enter the first door to your left and you will find a red card on the wall. Examine it.

Now your next step is to exit this room and walk to the last room on this floor. Enter the room and turn left until you find a calendar on the wall.

After the calendar has been examined, go down the stairs, and walk to the small set of stairs. Enter the area where the set of doors is on the left side and access the computer.

A small cut-scene will begin, in the middle of the cut-scene, you will obtain the trophy.

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