The Quarry: Blood Pact Trophy Guide

This guide will help you get the Blood Pact Trophy in The Quarry!

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There are several steps that need to be done and a few decisions to make. Blood Pact Trophy is a kind of reward for infecting everyone in the game. To get this trophy in the easiest and fastest way follow the given instructions and enjoy the excitement!

The Quarry: Blood Pact Trophy Guide

#Step 1

The very first step, for getting this trophy is in chapter 1. You will need to select the ,,break-in’’ option because that way you will be able to infect Dylan in the following chapters.

#Step 2

In chapter three Nick will automatically be infected when he joins Aby.

#Step 3

Right after Nick gets the infection, Aby will get infected whit the holding breath option.

#Step 4

The forth step that will lead you to get this trophy is at the end of the chapter 3 when Jacob falls in trap.

Select the ,,throw dirt’’ option because that way you will prevent the Hunter there to put blood on Jacob’s face, that way he can be infected later.

#Step 5

The 5th step will be complete in chapter 4. When you take control over Emma there, you will need to select these two options: ,,Search Bag’’ and ,, Taser’’

Next, you will need to successfully press All The QTE until you re-enter the tree hunt.

And to complete this step click on the ,, Use the Trapdoor’’ to get Emma infected.

#Step 6

In chapter 5 you will need to select the,,terrified’’ option, in the moment when Dylan And Ryan are in the Radio Hut.

#Step 7

This time you will need to miss the first QTE after meeting Emma in chapter 6- You will do that as Jacob.

Whit this Jacob will get infected.

#Step 8

The 8th step is very simple. Just select the ,,accept’’ option in chapter 9 when Laura suggest bitting Ryan. That way will you infect him.

#Step 9

And the last option you need to select is the ,, slam the car’’ option and fail to get the last QTE in chapter 9.

In this time you will control Dylan and infect Kaitlyn.

And there you go! You now have the Blood Pact Trophy!

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