The Quarry: How To Get Everyone To Die

Let’s find out How To Get Everyone To Die in The Quarry!

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The Quarry is a horror surviving game where players take a control of many characters in order to follow the story and choose the right path to keep them safe from the monsters. Expecting a happy end, instead of surviving, you can choose a different option to make all of the main characters die in the game story. We prepared all the steps that you need to follow if you want to see a different end of the game story.

In this guide, we will show you How to Get Everyone To Die in The Quarry!

The Quarry: How To Get Everyone To Die

Step 1 – Jakob

Once you arrive at the campfire, you will hear a noise coming from the bushes. Use your flashlight and point with your rifle. At this point, you have to shoot once at the bushes and then choose the “insistent” option. With the second shoot, you will hit Jakob, thinking it’s someone else to attack you.

Step 2 – Emma

To kill Emma, you have to open the trapdoor inside the treehouse once Emma got in. Choose the “Trapdoor” option to get her killed.

Step 3 – Abigail

Once Abigail comes to the pool house, Nick will appear on the opposite side where is about to transform into a monster. At this moment don’t shoot at Nick, and after the timer you a monster will jump on Abigail and she will get killed.

Step 4 – Travis

In chapter 7, you will have to escape with Laura from Travis’ abandoned police station. There will be a syringe that you will have to leave in the station. After the sleep, Laura will act sick and Travis will come to the cell to check what is going on. Once Travis gets inside, choose the “demanding” option to get his gun and then choose “shoot Travis”.

Step 5 – Nick

In chapter 8, Laura and Ryan will come to the red room with many cages inside. Laura will see a monster in one of the cages and don’t stop her from shooting at it, because that monster is Nick.

Step 6 – Dylan

In the Scrapyard, Kaitlyn and Dylan will look for car parts and after a while, Dylan is going to operate the crane when one monster attacks Kaitlyn. At this point, you have to choose “sound horn” to interrupt the monster that will come to the cabin of the crane and kill Dylan.

Step 7 – Laura & Ryan

In chapter nine, Laura and Ryan will fall through the floor in a room where is one monster, and Travis sitting hurt on the floor. You will have to shoot the monster to choose the path, and then Travis will have a chance to kill Laura because she tried to kill him in chapter 7. This will choose another path.

Once Travis goes to Ryan, choose “aggressive” option with Ryan and let Travis take the shotgun and kill Ryan.

Step 8 – Max

At the start of chapter 10, you will control Max. To get him killed just choose “swim”, and once he gets out of the water, he will get killed by a monster.

Step 9 – Kaitlyn

In chapter 10, you will play with Kaitlyn, and when you first encounter the monster, choose the “wait” option, then the monster will run to you. At this point, don’t shoot the monster if you want to get her killed.

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