Want to infect everyone in The Quarry? Check out this guide to find out!

The Quarry is a horror game that is split into different chapters. The game allows the player to make different choices that vary how the ending will go. It’s possible to get to an ending where everyone is infected in this game and get you a special ending, as well as getting a trophy for it.

This guide will show you how to infect everyone in The Quarry.

The Quarry: How to Infect Everyone

Once you’ve infected everyone in the game, you will be awarded with the “Blood Pact” trophy.

Step 1

When you begin chapter one with Abi and Emma, you will need to choose the first option to “Break In” and enter the wooden house.

Once you’ve chosen your path, in chapter 3, Nick will automatically get infected in the scene.

Step 2

The next step is also in Chapter 3. When you play as Abi, you must fail the holding breath scenario. Once you’ve failed to hold your breath, you will get Abi also infected.

Step 3

At the end of Chapter 3, Jacob will be caught in a trap, he will try to drop down and succeed. After that you will get an option to “Throw Dirt”. Use this option to save him and infect him later during the chapters.

Step 4

You will now enter Chapter 4 and play with Emma. In the tree house, you will need to use the two following options, they are:

  • Search Bag
  • Taser

After completing these two options, Emma will begin fleeing from the monster, make sure to use the “Run” option and continue completing the rest of the obstacles. After that select the “Trapdoor” option one more time which will get Emma infected.

Step 5

In Chapter 5, you will play with Dylan and Ryan inside the Radio hut which is next to the Radio Tower. When you get to the cutting-off scenario, make sure to pick the “Terrified” option.

Step 6

With chapter 6 taking place. At the start, you’re going to play as Jacob. When you first meet Emma, make sure to miss the first evading option.

This will get him infected.

Step 7

This next step is simple. When you are in Chapter 9, choose the “Accept” option as Laura, when you need to bite Ryan in order to save him.

Step 8

This step will take place at the Crane in Chapter 9. When you are controlling Dylan, select the “Slam the Car” option and fail to save Kaitlyn. This will get her infected.

And just like that, everyone in the game is infected, and you will be awarded with the “Blood Pact” trophy in The Quarry.

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