The Quarry: Should’ve Gone To The Motel Trophy Guide

Time to earn one more trophy in the Quarry! This guide will show you how to get the Should Have Gone To The Motel Trophy!

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Same as the other tasks, you will need to finish different steps and choose the right options to get this trophy. For this one, you will need to pass through 3 steps and choose the options that this guide will suggest to you. Fill up your collections by earning this trophy! Let’s start!

The Quarry: Should’ve Gone To The Motel Trophy Guide

Step 1

For earning this trophy, first, you will need to choose the ,,decline’’ option, when Laura suggests biting Ryan. This will happen in chapter 9. That way he will remain human.

Step 2

The second step, should be done in the same chapter. You will need to shoot the monster with Ryan in control, after falling through the floor.

Step 3

And to the same final, you will need to do the QTE Successfully so you can grab the shotgun and kill Travis.

Aim directly so you can’t miss him.

After you finish that, you will get your trophy!

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