It is time to earn The White Wolf Trophy in The Quarry!

The Quarry is an interactive drama horror video game where the main objective is to choose the right path to survive with each of the characters in the story of the game. All nine playable characters might die by the end of the game, and each character potentially has 10-12 different ways to die. As you go through the story, you will achieve some of the trophies. One of them is the white wolf trophy which is pretty challenging.

In this guide, we will show you The White Wolf Trophy in The Quarry!

The Quarry: The White Wolf Trophy Guide

The first step is in chapter 7, when Laura is acting sick in the prison cell, Travis will come to help, but you should not shoot him. After you take his gun, choose the “Apologetic” option. He will give you the keys and you will lock him in the cell. At this point you will choose a different path.

The second step is in chapter 9, when Laura is asking to bite Ryan, you will have to choose “Accept” option. This will choose another path.

Step 3 is later in chapter 9 when Laura and Ryan fall through the floor with monster Chris. You have to shoot Chris when Ryan will aim at him.

After this action, Travis will ask you to keep helping those who are alive, and at this point, you have to choose the “Suspicious” option to continue to the trophy.

The last step is in chapter 10, when you get to Silas, make sure to accept the “Raise Gun” option and then “Shoot” Silas to get the trophy.

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