Let’s get the Nobody’s fool trophy in the Quarry!

Getting this trophy will help you relieve the truth. So Jacob will be able to tell Emma the truth, and for that, you will need to make the right decisions and select the proper options. This guide will help you in only a few steps.  Let’s start!

The Quarry: Nobody’s Fool Trophy Guide

Step 1

As Emma in chapter 4 before you successfully re-enter the tree hunt you will need to select the “search bag” option and the “teaser” option.

Once you’re inside again select the “trapdoor” option and try to fail the given QTE so you can get Emma infected.

Step 2

 The second step to getting this trophy will be in chapter 8.

That will happen when Emma comes out of the van, you will need to shoot her but try not to use the Silver Ammo. It’s the same if you decide to run, both ways you will kill Aby.

Step 3

Next in chapter 8, you will need to press the switches 3&2 and then 2&1. Don’t shoot Nick, and use these number switches to save Jacob from the cage.

Step 4

At the end of chapter 10, when you have control over Ryan shoot monster Chris, and that way you will be able to cure Emma of the infection.

Step 5

In chapter 10, right after you start to control Kaitlyn for the first time and see Jacob and Emma, you will need to select the options in the following route: “honest”, “remorseful” and “apologetic”.

After the conversation between Emma and Jacob ends you will get your trophy.

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