Time on Frog Island: “Couch-Surfing” Trophy Guide

Check out this guide to find out how you can obtain the “Couch-Surfing” trophy in Time on Frog Island!

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Time on Frog Island is a great adventure game where you need to survive and obtain different materials. As you progress through this game, you will obtain various trophies that can go in your trophy collection book. To get some of these, you will need to perform specific scenarios!

This guide will show you how to get the “Couch-Surfing” trophy in Time on Frog Island!

“Couch-Surfing” Trophy Guide – Time on Frog Island

In order for you to obtain this achievement, you will need to find all 3 camping locations where you can sleep the night. Once that is done, the “Couch-Surfing” trophy will be completed.

Camp 1

The first camp will be located at the broken ship. This one can be easily found as it is the main one and the first ever camp that you will sleep on.

Speak with the frog to get the flower pot and bring it back to your camp.

The Mattress will be found right next to the broken ship, bring those two together at the campfire and sleep the first night.

To light the fire, get the 3 logs that are next to the campfire and move them in the circle for the fire to start.

Camp 2

The second camp will be located on the east side from where the previous one was. Simply continue going east towards the southcoast where you will find a bench and the campfire that you can build.

Simply set up the logs and sleep the night.

Camp 3

The third and final camp will be located at the Hermit’s House. Go to where the mountain path is, just north of the church. Simply set up the final campfire and sleep the night one last time.

Once you fall asleep at the final location, the “Couch-surfing” trophy will automatically be obtained!

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