Time on Frog Island: How to Beat All Races! (Find Out)

Let’s learn how to win all races in Time on Frog Island!

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There are in total 3 races including in Time on Frog Island and you’ll be tasked to win in all of them. To be successful and to do that without any difficulties, this guide can help you learn some tips and tricks. In the following text, you’ll be able to see the right way how to win all of them. Let’s Race!

This article can help you learn how to win all the races in Time on Frog Island.

How to Beat All Races! (Find Out) – Time on Frog Island

1. Red Race

This race will start for you once you’re on the South of the East Island.

To finish the game you’ll need to enter the mysterious door on the main island located on the top. Once you’re there you need to pass the marked point.

2.  Blue Race

The blue race starts once you get yourself to the south of the Main Island in the West from spawn.

To finish this race you’ll need to go to the entrance of the west island and to get there you should help the carpenter out with the storyline.

3. Green Race

The last one will start from the South Western point of West Island, and the finishing point can be found on the Dirt mount on the northern West Island.

4. How To Beat All Races In Time on Frog Island?

Despite the right run, some hidden items can be found during the game and will help you to speed up and win the races easier.

One of the main helping items is a BREW.

When you unlock the room and the machine to create any brew you’ll be able to create the best ones that will help you in different situations.

The one that can be very useful to beat the races will be the one with the boost flower.

Find the cactuses spread to the fields, get them and press the Y button and you’ll start running faster. This will only help you run faster in a short term and to the prologue that gets the boost flower to the brewery, places it inside, and wait until the next day.

Here are some of the brews that will help you to upgrade your game options:

  • Tongue ability = any fruit + dodo egg
  • Jump ability = any fruit + fish
  • Croak ability = any fruit + mushrooms

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