Time on Frog Island: How to Beat the Game!

Want to learn how you can beat the whole game? Check out this guide for Time on Frog Island!

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Time on Frog Island is a sandbox trading game, where players take control of an unarmed sea captain who crashes on a mysterious island inhabited by friendly frogs. There are plenty of items that you have find and share with the friendly frogs in order to repair your crashed ship. If you have a hard time looking for all the requires items to beat the game and repair your ship, you should keep on reading our article.

In this guide, we will show you How to Beat the Time on Frog Island!

Time on Frog Island: How to Beat the Game!

Following the main objective in the game to repair your ship, you will need the next items:

  • 2 wooden planks
  • A wheel
  • A rope
  • A sail
  • A rubber
  • The plant

How to get Planks

The two planks that you need can be found in the water right next to your ship. Pick them up and place them in the ship to finish this part.

You may need to get also your plants. They were stolen by the artist, and to get them back just give him a bottle of booze and you will get your plants.

Help NPC Finding the Lost Tadpup

On the first day on the island you are going to find a specific NPC and he is going to be panicking. Typically, this will be the merchant or the blacksmith and they are going to look for their Tadpup.

You will have to find it in the most southern part of the east island. Make your way there, jump over the sand banks to get to another island and continue to the most southern to find a very specific and small beach where you will find the dog over there. Just pick it up and bring it back to the town.

How to get the Rope and Feather

The rope can be collected from the fisherman but he will need something in return, a feather. The feather can be found on two different ways, either by trading with the chief or by heading to the west island where you can find it among dodo birds.

The chief is hidden in the barracks in the middle of the town. First of you have to get ridden of the guard. You have to talk to the guard and he will give you a letter that you have to bring to the artist.

 Once you bring the letter to the artist, he will give you back another letter that you have to bring it back to the guard. After this the guard will go away and you will be able to enter barracks.

Once you get inside the barracks, you will find the chief laying in his hammock. You will need to talk to him and he will ask for a wet flower which you can find only in the eastern island while it’s raining.

Once you got it just bring it back to the chief and he will reward you with the feather.

After you get the feather, you need to bring it to the fisherman who is going to give you the rope in return.

How to get the Sail

The sail can be obtained by the artist. He will ask you for a blue-colored grub for it. You need to go to the farm and take a blueberry and bring it where the grubs are in the southeast area of the town.

Just drop a blueberry near a grub and wait until one of them eats it, then pick up the grub and bring it to the artist to get your sail.

How to get the Wheel

This might be the hardest part to find. You are going to get it from the merchant but of course, he will ask for something in return.

The merchant will give you the wheel only if you give him the lantern from the hermit. The hermit is located about halfway up the hill right behind the town.

Once you talk to him, he will ask you to bring two different things to him. After you finish with the hermit and bring him the required items, he will give you the lantern.

Once you get the lantern, go back to town and bring it to the merchant and he will give you the wheel in return.

From here you will go to the ship and check if it’s working, but suddenly the captain will realize that the rudder is broken and you will have to get a new one.

How to get the Rudder, Saw, Hammer and the Piece of Ore

The blacksmith can help you with this as all he requires is one piece of iron, but unfortunately, the road to the cave that holds it is blocked off.

For this reason, you will need the carpenter who will ask you to bring him the saw and hammer from the forest. The day after you give him the hummer, he will start working on the bridge to the western island so that way you will find the cave that holds the piece of iron.

Once you get the iron, bring it back to the blacksmith and give him a night to create the rudder for you. With this you will get the final piece to fix the boat.

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