Let’s find out How to Complete a Ritual in Time on Frog Island!

Playing with unarmed captain who crashed his ship on a mysterious island, you are required to cooperate with the friendly frogs on the island, collect required items and finish the quests that will lead you to all the parts that you need in order to repair your ship. If you came to a point to do the ritual and don’t know how, we have covered it up for you.

This guide will show you How to Complete a Ritual in Time on Frog Island!

How to Complete a Ritual – Time on Frog Island

Ritual Statue

A Ritual statue is the first object that you are required to find before completing a ritual. It can be found where you need to place three different totems in the northern part of the main island on top of the highest mountain, hidden behind the mysterious door.

How to open the Mysterious Door

To open the mysterious door, you will need to find and pick up the purple crystal. This crystal is located in the northern part of the eastern island.

Once you get the purple crystal, make your way to the mountain where you will find the door. Place the crystal on the door to unlock it and behind it you will find a lot of useful things including the ritual statue.

The ritual is based on three wise monkeys and each totem represents one of those monkeys in frog form. The tree totems are called: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil.

Hear no Evil Location

This totem can be found right above the ritual frog. Just climb on the rocks until you get to the ice cube right above the ritual frog.

Take the ice cube and bring it all the way down to the mountain until you are at an area that has some grass or sand stuff on it. Place there the ice cube and it will start melting.

Once it’s done melting, it will be actually your first totem, Hear no Evil.

See no Evil Location

The second totem that we are going after is See no Evil. This one can be found on the card of the merchant. Just go to town, and complete the quest for the merchant if you haven’t yet and the quest will actually unlock the merchant.

Once the merchant is unlocked, he will ask you for some specific items. You just have to bring him the items and he will give you a golden coin.

What you need to do next is to give back the golden coin to the merchant and then you can get the totem from his cart.

Speak no Evil Location

The last totem, Speak no Evil, can be found at the eastern island, at the very center of it. You will find there a dirt hill. It has 4 places around where you can place a mushroom. Check around the hill to find the mushrooms and place them down.

Once you place 4 mushrooms, they will grow and the totem will appear on top of the hill. You can use the mushrooms to jump and bounce on them to get on top of the hill and pick up the last totem.

How to use the Three Totems

Once you collected all three totems, you can go back to the ritual frog statue in the mountains and just place the totems down. Once you place down the three statues in the right order, you will get a statue in return.