Having a hard time getting all 3 Scarecrow Heads in Time on Frog Island? Check out this guide to find ouf!

Time on Frog Island will always keep you busy with exploring the wonderful area of the island, collecting plenty of items, solving sticky situations for your new friends, and trading your way to fixing your ship. The 3 Scarecrow Heads are one of the items that you need to get some of the fruits from the farmer in order to complete some of the quests.

In this guide, we will show you How to get all 3 Scarecrow Heads in Time on Frog Island!

How to Get All 3 Scarecrow Heads – Time on Frog Island

First Scarecrow Head in the Barracks

The first Head is hidden away in the barracks in the center of town. Simply go there, and you will see a guard standing in your way at the wooden bridge.

You have to talk to the guard, and after the short dialogue, he will give you a letter. Bring the letter to the artist who is going to give you another letter.

With the letter from the artist make your way back to the guard and give the letter to him in order to let you pass through the bridge. Once he is gone, you can enter the barracks and turn right where you will find the first Scarecrow Head on top of the trading dummy.

Second Scarecrow Head on the East Island

This Scarecrow Head can be found in the most sudden part of the east island. Make your way to the east island, and jump over the sand bank.

Continue to the most sudden part where you will find a little beach area, and here you fill find the Scarecrow head laying in a puddle of water.

Scarecrow Head from Diva

The third head can be obtained from an NPC Diva that you can find in the middle of town. Head over there and talk to her, she is going to ask you for a specific item which is going to be a ring.

When you attempt to give the ring to Diva, she will answer you that she no longer wants a ring and instead she will want a honeycomb. When you attempt to give the honeycomb, it will explain to you that now need a pearl.

The trick at this moment is to learn the pattern of the items and give her the next right item. If she asks for a ring, give her a honeycomb, if she asks for a honeycomb, give her a pearl, and if she asks for a pearl, give her a ring.

The ring can be obtained by trading with a merchant, the honeycomb can be obtained by smashing a beehive, and the pearl can be obtained by picking up and throwing clams.

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