Time on Frog Island: “Shipwrecked!” Trophy Guide

Check out this guide to find out how you can get the Shipwrecked trophy in Time on Frog Island.

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One of the tasks that need to be done is to achieve the trophy for the Shipwrecked situation. This will help you learn how to get your Pet Plant and go on the next quest as well. To save your time do as the following steps are telling you. Let’s Start!

“Shipwrecked!” Trophy Guide – Time on Frog Island

To successfully evaluate the damage from the storm you’ll need to get the green plant that belongs to the frog that you can see next to the wrecked boat.

You’ll need the plant to move the boat from the edge.

To give you the plant he’ll ask you to give him the bottle with liquid inside it. This bottle can be found on the pier.

Put the plant on the end of the boat.

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