Set up a contract, you will need it!

Time Walker: Dark World is a creative retro-looking video game where you get to set up various characters around a battlefield and strategize how you want to attack your enemy in order to win each fight in the room and eventually get to the boss.

In this guide, we will go through the contracts and explain what they are in Time Walker: Dark World.

Contracts Guide – Time Walker: Dark World

What Are Contracts?

In each fight that you compete you will get stronger and stronger. You are going to get to a point where you will be very strong and the monsters won’t deal a lot of damage to you.

The contracts actually add buffs to your enemies and make them stronger so you can challenge yourself even further.

There is also a reward if you’ve decided to add these contracts to your game, you will earn more XP and gold as you play and defeat more monsters.

What Are The Contract Rewards?

The rewards for adding a contract to your game are the following:

  • Extra gold
  • Extra EXP
  • More Talent Currency
  • +5% Overall reward increase per room

How To Unlock More Contracts?

To unlock more contracts, you will need to complete the game’s difficulty a couple of times and eventually you will get a notification that you’ve unlocked the max amount of contracts that you can use per game.

Keep on finishing over and over and you will gain even more rewards. This is useful whenever you try to earn more rewards from lower-difficulty games.

List Of All Contracts

Below you will find a list of all the contracts and what their buffs are:

  • Less Attendance: Enemies +15% EVA.
  • Better Supply: Enemies get “Revive”.
  • Better Healthcare: Bosses get “Indestructible 3”.
  • Free Charges: Enemies get “Flexibility”.
  • Bigger Number: Enemies +15% Max HP.
  • Better Insurance: Enemies get “Shield” for 3 sec.
  • Team Uniform: Enemies +30 DEF.
  • Central Heater: Inflicts 1 “Burning” to all Heroes per 5 sec.
  • Central Chiller: Inflicts “Freezing” to all Heroes per 5 sec, lasts 3 sec.
  • Budget Costdown: Inflicts 1 “Broken Armor” to all Heroes per 5 sec.

And there you have it. That is all you need to know about contracts in Time Walker: Dark World. Stay tuned for more upcoming guides.

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