Here's everything about Controller Support in Tiny Rogues!

Tiny Rogues is an RPG-style fantasy rogue-lite bullet-hell dungeon crawler. Each time you run, you can make a new, unique character and fight your way through rooms full of monsters. Find unique weapons, gather magical items, and gain levels to get stronger.

In this guide, we will be discussing if it has Controller Support. Let’s get started.

Does It Have Controller Support? – Tiny Rogues

Tiny Rogues is a very fun and interesting game to play. It is made from a one-man team and for what it is, it functions great and offers a lot. Players have been wondering whether it has a Controler Support.

Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Tiny Rogues doesn’t have native Controller Support.

The developer has even gone ahead and said this in a couple of his messages:

‘’I don’t use a controller for any games I play, so I suppose that’s why it’s not high on my priority list. My background in gaming is mostly on the Path of Exile and Diablo side, while my experience with console gaming is limited.’’

But the future is bright! Also, this developer has said that even though it is a low priority, Tiny Rouges might be having a Controller Support in the next month maybe! He said that he will be working on it and for a couple of weeks it should be out.

So that is all we have for the Controller Support about Tiny Rogues. It leaves us only to wait for a while and hopefully, in a while, we can play this awesome little game with a controller too. Happy waiting!

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