Check out the Top 3 Skill Trees for New Players in Outward Definitive Edition!

Every new player has to choose some of the skill trees once starts the game. There are some skill trees that can be used if you don’t know much about the game. We prepared the 3 best skill trees that are all quite good, and offer a lot to players who aren’t really sure exactly what build makes entails. You could try at least one of them for your first couple of builds.

In this guide, we will show you the Top 3 Skill Trees for New Players in Outward Definitive Edition!

Outward Definitive Edition: Top 3 Skill Trees for New Players

Hex age

The Hex skill tree can be found in Harmattan by paying the Soroborian Caravanner to take you there. The trainer is near the lane line in the town and has Hex related skills.

Texas allows a player to apply a debuff or effect onto an enemy. It comes in many forms that include different elements. After being applied, the player can explode these hexes to do lots of damage.

You can get a lot of range from the skill tree and it can give you a chance to overpower an enemy before they can attack.

Bloodlust is the breakthrough for this tree and it is a primary reason you should become a hexer. This passive skill gets rid of burnt stats such as health, stamina and mana after killing an enemy.

Lastly, you have a cleanse which is a pretty useful way of getting rid of corruption as long as you have some bandage and mana stones.

Overall, the hex page can be used by tank, mage and any other type of build you can come up with.


The mercenary skill tree can be found in the Levant on the other side of the desert. The trainer is easy to find, he is standing in front of the palace entrance.

This skill tree is pretty strong, and we are going to focus on the guns. While guns require bullets and it might be hard for new players who don’t know how to craft well. However, this skill tree will allow you to fire guns without any bullets at all.

Simply shove raw iron scarps or pure cold into those pistols and fire it off. It does a lot of impact damage and decreases enemies’ health bar by a significant amount.

Also, you get extra speed of 10% as well as using 40% less stamina. The breakthrough passive massively improves explorations for new players because they can run around longer without having to regenerate all their stamina.

The Blood Bullet requires a bit of mana to use as well as the possessed boon active. It deals a lot of damage that shoots from far away and decimates enemies. It also heals the player on use, getting 40 health back.

Rune Sage

You can find this skill tree in Berg near the large pool of water. You get +40 mana from the breakthrough which is quite helpful, then you get better and more powerful rune combinations by choosing arcane, syntax, and runic prefix.

This skill tree is fantastic for new and even not new players because it is extremely versatile. As long as you choose the runic prefix passive, you gain physical resistance, 3 protection and +10 resistance to each element.

It is an incredibly strong support skill tree that can let you fight in many ways while always having an easy way to regen health and get more defense.

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