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FPS is a critical element to consider while playing games. Strategy Tower Defense games like Toy Shire typically launch with a locked FPS rate. FPS, or Frame Per Second, refers to how fast the game renders on your screen. Essentially, a high Frame rate can make games smooth and incredibly exciting.

In this guide, you will learn how to increase your FPS in Toy Shire: Room One.

How To Lock/Unlock FPS In Toy Shire: Room One

FPS Slider

Generally, most games come with an FPS slider that lets you unlock higher FPS or lock your game to a specific FPS.

Playing at an FPS higher than your PC console or gaming device can handle always leads to lags and laggy gameplay. Hence, why developers tend to lock FPS options to improve the performance of their game on some devices.

How To Adjust The FPS

To adjust the FPS in Toy Shire: Room One, select Options on the Main Menu as shown above. Next, select the Video tab, then check the Display Section.

There, you will find the Frame Rate Limit option. Click on the toggle buttons to increase or reduce your FPS.

Now, if you use a premium gaming rig, Toy Shire: Room One offers an option that lets you use Unlimited fps. Selecting this option means the game can run at its highest performance option.

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