Tired of trucking all the time and failing in your Time Trial? Check out this guide to solve your problems in Trail Out.

Trail Out is an extremely fun game that will have a lot of crashing and unorthodox driving. There are some very interesting challenged that you will need to pass too.

One of those challenges is the Time Trials. In this guide, we will be talking about the Truck Time Trial and How To Beat It. Let’s get started.

How to Beat Truck Time Trial – Trail Out

This is definitely one of the hardest challenges of the game. You will need to get there on time and plus whatever you’ll do will come up short.

You can be driving and not crash into anything and then at the end of the road you will still be short a couple of seconds too. So you might be thinking there’s no way to finish this.

Well, the secret is that you’ll actually need to go through all the buildings. You will crash with your truck through houses and such until you get to the end.

So just keep following the road and try to shorten your time as much as possible by going through buildings and obstacles. This way you will get there under the 1 minute mark and finish this challenge.

That is all. We hope that this guide was given you some very helpful information about the Time Trial in Trail Out. Good luck passing this level!

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