Trail Out: How to Remove Owned Cars

Throwing out the trash?

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Trail Out is an interesting arcade racing game with its sights set on heavy destruction and carnage. The game has seen massive success and has been pulling players from everywhere but with everything new confusion arises.

The confusion we are talking about is how to get rid of unwanted vehicles from your garage. Somewhat unwanted trash, don’t worry we’ve got your back!

Stick around and roll up your sleeves!

How to Remove Owned Cars – Trail Out

Removing unwanted vehicles from your garage is fairly simple but what has been confusing players is that the option itself doesn’t seem to appear at first.

This is because you first need to upgrade your garage until you get the option to remove vehicles.

After upgrading the garage you can sell cars, before that just upgrade the cars and win more races. The feature unlocks after certain career progress.

You can upgrade your garage by winning races and gaining more and more vehicles after this you can choose to upgrade your garage or disown a vehicle.

That is pretty much how you remove unwanted vehicles in Trail Out.

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