Trail Out: Where to Enter Cheat Codes

Check out this guide to figure out where you can enter cheat codes in Trail Out!

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Trail Out is a very new game that will literally scream fun! You will be playing with a very cool set of cars with very unique and interesting characters crashing and racing around on big maps.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to enter cheat codes in Trail Out. Let’s get started.

Where to Enter Cheat Codes – Trail Out

Yes, you can actually enter Cheat Codes in Trail Out.

What you’ll need to do is enter a code that is on the license plate.

You will find the Licence Plate when waiting for a game to load inside the loading screen. You will simply move over your mouse cursor on top of it and write in the cheats.

So far there aren’t many well-known cheats to us. The most that we know are these:

  • Help – it will give you a free car
  • Frozen – it gives you an outfit.

That is it! Just go on looking for the license place and proceed to write in a cheat that you have found. For any more cheats that we have found we will keep updating this guide here so be sure to keep checking it out! Happy cheating!

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