Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 6)

Let’s find All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 6) in Trek To Yomi!

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Trek To Yomi is a very unique linear game with so little side content that you can do or explore in the world. Anyway, there are a few hidden collectibles that you will want to find throughout the world of the game. If you are able to find all of them, you can be rewarded with some special rewards.

In this guide, we will show you All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 6) in Trek To Yomi!

Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 6)


Right on the start, you have to go up to the shrine where you will find this collectible on the left side.

Stamina Upgrade #1

Go straight in the opposite direction, where you will pass by the tall stones, continue to the right, jump over the wall, and at the end of the path, you will find a stamina upgrade sitting on the ground.


In the same area where you got the stamina upgrade, run left behind the stone into an area with candles to get your Maggots.

Ebikazura Grapes

Make your way through the portal and the combat area where the archers shooting at you. You will notice a shrine with a rock outcropping to the right. Here you will find your next collectible.

Thunder Drum

You have to complete the combat zone in front of the giant snake skull, then enter the house.

Climb the ladder, and walk onto the beams.


You have to go thru the portal at the obelisks, then into the whirlpool. On the far right side, on a crate next to the tree will be sitting your next collectible.


You have to use the teleport to the jungle temple. Go through the next combat area spanning the wooden bridge.

After you pass the bridge, on the right side on the ground, next to the tree is a crate where is located this collectible.

Naginata Tip

Teleport to the burning village, then follow the path to the left passing through the wooden bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, once you come to the next area, in the top middle are located some broken boxes. Look at the boxes to find your new collectible.

Stamina Upgrade #2

In the same area, continue to run to the right until you come to a tree. In front of the tree, on the ground will be sitting your Stamina Upgrade.

Health Upgrade #1

Keep running to the right side of the map, then after you pass the tiny wooden bridge, you will come to a small ground area with a camp house. Go closer to the urns on the ground to find your Health Upgrade.

Tainted Clothing

You have to go to the dock area. At the far right portion of the dock you will find the Tainted Clothing.

Yomotsu Hirasaka

Use the dock teleporter, and then go right following the wooden barrier. On the edge of the fence, you will find Hirasaka.


Go right to enter the town, before going to the Torii gate, turn left on the edge.

In front of the cart on the ground you will find the last collectible.