Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 7)

Let’s find All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 7) In Trek To Yomi!

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Trek To Yomi is a very unique linear game with so little side content that you can do or explore in the world. Anyway, there are a few hidden collectibles that you will want to find throughout the world of the game. If you are able to find all of them, you can be rewarded with some special rewards.

In this guide, we will show you All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 7) In Trek To Yomi!

Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 7)

Matching Kai-Awase Shell

When you return to the burning village from Yomi, keep going right.

On the other side, keep running until you come to a broken wooden table, on top of the table will be located this collectible.

Hiogi Remnant

Continue forward to the right, then you will have to go up the stairs into the building.

On the counter on the right side of the room, you will find the collectible item.

Kiseru Remnant

Continue through the same building, down the stairs, then through another building, Beyond, you will see two villagers by a cart on the stairs. Right next to them will be your next collectible item.

Death Warrant

You have to fall down through the roof and climb down on the ground. Follow the right path to climb over a shot wall.

Come closer to the crates and you will find a new collectible.

Ozutsu Capacity

Go back to the left where you climb down from the roof. Go to the left where you will have to ring the bell. Then continue to the left sidewalk of the house.

Keep going to the left path and enter the building where you have to defeat 2 armed men. 

Once you defeat both men, continue left to enter the next room where you will find the Ozutsu Capacity on the front table.

Omoikane Mask

Go back to where you entered the previous building, and head to the upper floor through the stairs on the left.

Once you enter the building, you will have to defeat 4 enemies before you enter next room at the very end to the left.

Once you enter, behind the entrance, on top of the cabinet will be sitting the Omoikane Mask.

Health Upgrade #1

From the same room, continue to walk to the left until you fall on the lower floor through the broken boards. You will notice 2 villagers stuck behind the fence.

Push the boxes that block the entrance to free the villagers. After they run away, you will find on the ground your Health Upgrade.


Exit the building and follow the right side of the map. Keep going right to enter the next building.

Once you enter the next building, go by the table to collect Tsurugi.

Kanke Koshu

In the same room, continue forward through the stairs. On the upper level, you will find Kanke Koshu sitting on top of the barrel next to the left wall.

Stamina Upgrade #1

On the backside of the same building, going to the exit, you may notice a wooden rack where on top of it you can collect your Stamina Upgrade.


In the middle of the town, where the small river is coming from, pass under the bridge to come on the other side, and then on the right side, on the rocks you will find your collectible.

Sake Cup

Follow the path up, past the shrine, and past the gate and stairs leading up to the flaming dojo. On the front side, there are boxes sitting in a dark area. You can find here your Sake Cup.

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