Trek To Yomi: Final Boss Fight Guide

Let’s see the Final Boss Fight in Trek To Yomi!

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You will have to defeat the Kagerou Demon at the end of the game as your final boss. It will give a chance to Hiroki to kill the demon samurai who destroyed his village, killed his master, and sent him to Yomi. During Trek to Yomi, you will encounter Kagerou several times, but only at the end of the game, you will have a chance to stop him once forever.

In this guide, we will show you the Final Boss Fight in Trek To Yomi!

Trek To Yomi: Final Boss Fight Guide

Phase One

The first phase of the final boss is pretty straightforward. You will have to focus on trying to parry his attacks to respond with heavy attacks or to use the pass-by technique to open him up for successive strikes.

Most of the attacks will be easy to parry as they have the same timing as the regular enemies’ attacks. Once you have depleted his health bar, the second phase will begin after a short cutscene.

Phase Two

In this phase, Kagerou will gain some magical moves and will disappear for a bit once you knock him down to half health. He will have new AoE explosions, the first that will point to you and summon it on the spot where you stand, and the second, if you are close he will cause the explosion to burst from his body with a much larger AoE.

Once you get Kagerou down to half health, he will summon two spectral versions of himself. Once you kill both his spectral versions, Kagerou will return to his corporeal form with half health. You just have to finish him until his health bar is empty.

At the end, a cutscene will play on how you are killing Kagerou and get the achieve for finishing the game.

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