Let's go fast with the Ski Boost Jets!

In Tribes 3: Rivals speed is very essential in moving around, in fact, it’s the main mechanic of the game, whether you are just spawning or in the middle of a match, speed is important. Today I’ll be showing you a trick on how to gain speed fast.

Don’t move slow again and read this guide to have an edge over your competition!

How To Go Faster With Ski Boost Jetting In Tribes 3: Rivals

What to Avoid

Once you spawn, your main instinct is to ski down the slope. Although it seems like the logical thing to do, it doesn’t give you a lot of speed. Let’s use an example to show the difference.

Above is the speed we initially got without using the ski boost and jetting method around 120.

What to Do

What you should do instead is use your ski to get your initial ski boost and immediately start jetting.

What this does is give you max height and you can carry the momentum to the next slope to increase your speed significantly.

When you use the ski boost method you can hit speeds of up to 200 on the first hill, how crazy is that? This method can be applied at any time during a match not only during spawn.

Hope you enjoyed this guide on how to go faster in Tribes 3: Rivals. Enjoy the speed!

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