Another bug.. It's not a big one though!

Does anyone else remember those “good old days” when Tribes and Tribes 2 released back in the Late 90s and early 2000s, respectfully?

Those were some amazing memories and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Tribes innovated the FPS genre to an extent. It’s a real shame that Hi-Rez, the creators of the now popular 3rd Person MOBA, SMITE, ruined Tribes: Ascend and thus killed the franchise for a while… but from those ashes has arisen TRIBES 3… although not to much fanfare.

And it seems to have some bugs, one of which is the “Loot boxes” or rather Crates that you can get from the battle pass in the Early Access/Open Beta of the game… so how can you open them? – Check out this guide!

How To Open Bugged Crates In Tribes 3: Rivals

  • Step 1: Delete Tribes 3 and wait for it to be fixed
  • Step 2: Play a better game until it’s fixed…

Just kidding – As “bad” as some people make it out to be, I’m in love with the game so far. But this and a few other bugs have made the experience a bit less enjoyable. Although, who am I to blame the game since it’s still in Early Access.

Anyways, there’s no “solution” to this bug, but the current developers are working on fixing it and for now it’s only a sort of “visual” bug where the crates don’t show up in your inventory, but the items that you get from them do.

What to do

As mentioned, the items should be in your inventory already so just check to see if you’ve already gotten them.

This has happened to me. There’s also a good chance that by the time you’re reading this – the devs have already fixed the issue…

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