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As a massive fan of the original Tribes 1 and Tribes 2, and even Tribes: Ascend for a little while before Hi-Rez killed it (I’ll never forgive them for this, even though SMITE is one of my favorite games), I have conflicted feelings for Tribes 3: Rivals, which just released in Early Access a few days ago.

The game feels good to play, but some of the decisions that the developers are making have the whole community making fun of them, such as the “Recall To Base” function being removed from the shortcut CTRL+K which was well known and used already.

So, how do you recall to base now? – This guide will help you!

How to Recall To Base in Tribes 3: Rivals

Options Of Recalling

So, there are a couple of options we can try to get back to base in Tribes 3: Rivals. Here are the ones I know of.

  • Option 1: K*ll yourself. Oh wait, that doesn’t work anymore. There’s now a penalty if you off yourself in a match in order to go back to base.
  • Option 2: Buy the feature to recall for $1000! Yep, they’re selling this option but you’ll have to buy it again after a year. In all seriousness, this option doesn’t exist – but the users that are playing are mocking Prophecy Games for selling packs that last for 1 Year and then you have to buy these packs again.
  • Option 3 (Real): Press B, just like in League of Legends. B stands for “Back” most likely, and is commonly used in many MOBAs. It makes sense they changed it to B from CTRL-K, and the recall lasts 5 seconds.

And there you have it. Just by pressing B, you can now recall back to base and restore all your HP, ammo and continue fighting in Tribes 3: Rivals. Stay tuned for more, gamers!

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