Let's go through the basics!

Tribes 3 Rivals is a team-based First-Person Shooter game with highspeed aerial combat combined with fast-paced gameplay. The game is mostly known for its insane movement through skiing around the map and jetting around with jetpacks, who doesn’t love jetpacks?

If you’re a beginner and new to this type of game don’t worry! – Because today, in this guide, we look at all the basics from the crazy movement mechanic to choosing your class and how you want to play the game we have it all! Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.

Ultimate Beginner Guide For Tribes 3: Rivals

Main Game Mode

The main game mode in Tribes 3: Rivals is Capture the Flag (CTF). Players outmaneuver opponents capture enemy flags and defend their territory.

Be sure for fast-paced action that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. This gameplay mode will have you planning on your every move with its engaging and competitive gameplay.


The HUD is important since you get all the information you need at a glance, as shown below.

You can also open up your score screen to view a larger map and see player points (red represents enemies, blue represents friends).


The main movement mechanic in the game is skiing. Skiing simply put is sliding up and down hills trying to gain momentum.

While going down a hill try to hold your ski and when you reach the apex jetting to go faster and higher, but make sure to pay attention to your energy bar so that it doesn’t run out on you mid jetting.

Gaining Speed

Speed is probably the most important aspect of this game, whether you are scampering away from enemies or lining up your perfect shots speed always comes into play.

Simply put it: The further you fall, the faster you will go.

Hitting Shots

To take out enemies you can hit them Midair, this is when you hit your enemies with projectiles while in the air.

Class Options

In Tribes 3: Rivals you have 3 main class options:

  • Light – Quick but have Low Health.
  • Medium – A balance between speed and health.
  • Heavy – Move slow but are heavy hitters and have the most health.

To find your perfect class all you have to do is play with each class be and find what works best for you be it agility, destruction or a bit of both.

Energy Bar

The energy bar is a crucial part of your gameplay. Using your jetpack eats away at your energy bar. Make sure you don’t loose momentum.


The game is fun once you get used to the mechanics and with a thriving community it promises good fun and competition. I hope you find this article helpful. Happy gaming!

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