V Rising: Best Base Locations

Check out the Best Base Locations in V Rising!

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In V Rising, Vampire lords are required to collect a lot of materials and resources that are major ingredients for all the upgrades of the base camp, crafting gears, and research technologies, all that to sustain the deadly kingdom of Vandoren. Before starting the journey in V Rising it’s most important to choose the best location for your base, which might be the areas that are most valuable for you that will provide faster progress through the game.

In this guide, we will show you the Best Base Locations in V Rising!

V Rising: Best Base Locations

The best locations in V Rising depends on the single-player or multiplayer. Single-player is real simple, while multiplayer gets a little bit more complicated.

For a single-player as a newbie, one of the best places for your first castle is going to be north of the Vampire Waygate, somewhere around the Bandit Armory on the map.

Because this is a pretty central location for the early game and mid-game because you will be able to get iron mine and easily get back to your base. You will be able to get to all of the starting staff within a reasonable amount of time, avoiding all the bosses that are in the areas around.

When you get to the mid-game, you’ve got the Monastery, the Mosswick Village, and the Haunted Iron Mine nearby which are the three main things that you want from the Dunley Farmlands.

When you reach the late gate, which is the Silverlight Hills, your base is still in a pretty reasonable position to be able to bring stuff back to your other area.

 You can use a second base as a way gate to add a way gate somewhere on the map because in the late game you can add teleports in your bases that you are going to use it as a way gate.

So, the best place to put your second base in the late game is going to be just north of Brighthaven Cathedral.  This area is amazing because not only that you are right next to the silver mine, but you are also right next to the Brighhaven where later on in the game you get human form when you kill a certain boss.

The other alternative for the late game could be the Cursed Forest, placing your base in the back right corner of the map. The reason for this place is because of the Ancient Village where you can get spectral dust and schematics, and will give you a fast travel to the area of the Cursed Forset.

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