V Rising: Best Loot Farm Guide (Secret Location)

Check out this amazing loot farming guide for V Rising!

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V Rising is a survival game that will require a ton of materials for you to collect in order to survive. Once you have gathered materials, the real journey begins. Materials are needed to upgrade your castle. The castle is one of the most important things in the game. It is where you will re-spawn, unlock new builds and abilities.

This guide will show you a great secret loot farming area that will help in V Rising.

V Rising: Best Loot Farm Guide (Secret Location)

This area is more important to people who have reached the end-game content. In this area you are also going to find some early game loot.

Start off by going to the northwest side where you can enter a small village from the side where there is a small broken entrance and behind the houses, there will be barrels which you can break and obtain a ton of high-quality materials.

Enter the village and the most important objects that you are going to look for are barrels and wooden boxes. Inside of them there will be a ton of materials which you can use for end-game objectives.

NOTE: There are a ton of guards patrolling the place, but you can easily avoid them as there are many areas which you can dash into and there will be no threat what so ever.

Continue going deeper and deeper into the village and you may have a chance to obtain a new technology.

And the good part about these objects is that they are re-spawnable and after some time, you can come back and try to farm them again for high-quality loot. The Re-Spawn timer on these objects is around 5 to 10 minutes.

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