V Rising: Character Customization Guide

Time to customize your V Rising Character!

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V Rising is a PVP/PVE MMORPG where you can create and customize your character. With this character, you will build a legacy and a giant castle. Fighting off enemies, exploring new lands, and gathering materials for an expanded castle will be an everyday thing. Your character customization is essential for the game, customize it to your liking and be unique from others!

This guide will show you how to customize your character in V Rising.

V Rising: Character Customization Guide

Once you start your game create a new character and you will be given a ton of different options from where you can make your creative vampire.

You can chose two body types for your vampire:

  • Male
  • Female

There are all varieties of colors for your skin tone and your hair color.

You can choose through 13 different faces that can be applied to your character which are scary and unique.

Accessories are wearable items that your vampire can obtain. Features are face modifications that you can apply to your vampire.

You also have the ability to randomize your character and get a random look each time you press that button. Once your character looks have been named, it’s time to give your character a name and begin playing!

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