V Rising: Fast Quartz Farming Guide

Check out the Fast Quartz Farming in V Rising!

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V Rising is a gothic horror survival game where players control their Vampire Lord. It contains open-world exploration, crafting, building, and strengthening your lord power. Following the story and exploring the kingdom of Vardoran will reveal many secrets. Players are going to find many collectibles, and challenge the bosses to unlock powerful skills, hunting for blood and regain their strength only to stay alive.

In this guide, we will show you the Fast Quartz Farming in V Rising!

V Rising: Fast Quartz Farming Guide

While there are a couple of veins of quartz scattered around the map, it’s really not enough for the amount you need long term.

Starting with the best location for farming, Dunley Monastery as a caveat requires holy resistance potions to even move around inside. With your holy resistance potion in hand, dispatch any enemies around the area to make your farming a lot easier. As an added bonus, these enemies can drop glass and other valuable materials as well.

Additionally, as you go around cleaning the camp, make sure to open the various stone coffin containers, smash every pot you see, and keep an eye out for hidden chests. These can all contain both glass and scourgestones, making future runs a breeze.

Following the path from the entrance up to and behind the church, there are a whole host of Quartz veins all around the sides and back of the church.

Additionally, there are a few more veins around the front out near the garden/plaza area that has a cliffside overlook.

Even without a worker buff, you are looking at easily 600+ Quartz Crystals and anywhere between 5-15 glass per run.

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