Let’s find out How to be Immune to Silver in V Rising!

V Rising is a vampiric survival game, where your main character is a Vampire Lord. While playing around and exploring the map, aside from the enemies that you will face on the huge map of V Rising, the biggest enemy that you have to avoid is the sunlight and the silver. Silver is so important ingredient in V Rising that even if it might harm you, you must collect it and transfer it to your base to create your powerful gears.

In this guide, we will show you How to be Immune to Silver in V Rising!

V Rising: How to be Immune to Silver

No matter how impossible it sounds, you can carry silver on your vampire lord without taking any damage. If you pick any sort of silver in the game, whether it’s the coins or just the regular silver, you will start taking some damage unless you are in the late game stages and you have some equipment that’s going to prevent this.

Unfortunately, even in the early game, you can carry the silver without harming you, but you will have to defeat some bosses to get to this point. You can obtain the debuff skill called Silver Sickness.

To trick for this is to activate your Bear form. Once you do that, you actually can carry as much silver as you want and it’s not going to do any damage to you. The bear form is around 15% faster than your lord and it also regenerates your health.

If you are pretty far from your base, you can activate your Bear form and transfer all your silver to your base.

To get the bear form, you must defeat one of the bosses which is the Ferocious Bear that you can track in the Blood Altar. He is level 36, and you can defeat him easily even on level 30.

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